A Winning Tradition

Standing together, hoisting the trophy as champions.

Athletic Recognition

The big game is a culmination of hours of hard work and practice. Your team, your coaching staff and your supporters have been through so much to reach this point. Recognize the moments that lead up to game day with a custom award.

"Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is." -Vince Lombardi

Recognition that Makes Them Feel like Champions


Our 50 plus years of working directly with universities has offered us some insight into the dedication it takes to make a college sports organization run smoothly. We want to recognize every person in your organization who coaches, supports, and plays on your team.

Student Athletes Shine

Years of dedication. Years of sacrifice. Years of triumph. It’s not only the athletes that live and breathe the competition, but the fans, the sponsors, and the coworkers. We'll develop custom awards for every branch of your sports organization.

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When people have a passion for something, they get involved. Your league or association members give their all to be part of your team. Their enthusiasm needs to be matched. Levy Marketing + Awards has teamed up with a range of associations to ensure their custom awards exemplify the pure passion of their members.

Celebrate Your League

We know not everyone is looking for a completely custom-designed award. If you are looking for a personalized award, visit our online catalog of stock pieces. We'll be happy to add team and player names to the award for that personal touch.

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Who You Should Recognize

Our custom awards are for everyone who contributes to those million moments that make your team strong. All the fans cheering from the sidelines, coaches training their players, team members encouraging one another, and sponsors making it all possible.
We know more than one person and one moment makes a team, so let’s celebrate them all.

Get Ready. Get Set. Let's Recognize.


Let's Build Champions Together.

We can't wait to design your custom award! Let us know what you are imagining and we'll create something your team can't wait to add to their trophy case.