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The Loebenberg Humanitarian Award

Now and then, an award created here at Levy Marketing + Awards leaves us a little “star struck.” We get excited to see our works of art presented to some of the most famous people in sports, entertainment, humanitarian programs, local government and more. But never before have we had the honor of creating an award of presidential caliber. At least, not until we were contacted by The Florida Holocaust Museum to create a piece that would decorate the awards cabinet of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected as the 34th President of the United States in 1953. During his presidency, Eisenhower managed Cold War-era tensions with the Soviet Union under the looming threat of nuclear weapons, ended the war in Korea in 1953 and authorized a number of covert anti-communist operations by the CIA around the world. On the home front, Eisenhower strengthened Social Security, created the new Interstate Highway System, and signed an act that would create the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). His enduring achievements both at home and abroad have made him one of the most popular presidents in United States history.

One of Eisenhower’s least recognized achievements occurred before he served as president. While serving as a five-star general in the United States Army, he played a pivotal role in liberating the Nazi concentration camps and documenting what was discovered to ensure that the Holocaust could not be denied nor forgotten. At the end of World War II, Eisenhower made the decision to personally visit as many Nazi concentration camps as possible so that he could document the camps and their appalling conditions. Anticipating a time when Nazi atrocities might be denied, Eisenhower also ordered the filming and photographing of camps as they were liberated.

Wanting to recognize this great effort, The Florida Holocaust Museum contacted Levy Marketing + Awards to design an award that would represent Eisenhower’s humanitarian efforts. A large crystal sculpture was created to be presented during a special awards ceremony honoring the late President. In March, the Florida Holocaust Museum presented the 2017 Loebenberg Humanitarian Award posthumously to President Dwight D. Eisenhower. President Eisenhower’s grandson, David Eisenhower, accepted the award. David Eisenhower was presented the Spike Award as a token of the museum’s appreciation. The Spike Award was manufactured from an actual railroad spike that tied together the train tracks of a concentration camp.

David Eisenhower is a historian and the Director of the Institute for Public Service at the Annenberg Public Policy Center. He serves as a senior research fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School of Communication and is a fellow in the International Relations Department at the University. He has lectured widely to audiences across the U.S. on the Presidency, foreign relations, and World War II. Eisenhower is the author of Eisenhower: At War, which was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in history in 1986 and the author of numerous magazine articles and book reviews on the subjects of politics and history. His most recent book, co-authored with wife Julie Nixon Eisenhower, is Going Home to Glory, which chronicles the post-Presidency years of his grandfather.

During the ceremony, Walter Loebenberg, the visionary that the Humanitarian award is named after, was also presented a custom award created by LMA. The award is in recognition of his ongoing dedication to Florida Holocaust Museum.

It is such an honor to have helped the Florida Holocaust Museum create an award accepted on behalf of one of our nation’s presidential leaders. To have one of our custom award designs featured as part of the many awards received by President Dwight D. Eisenhower is more than just an honor, but also a testament to the dedication and quality we put in each and every one of our award designs.


Phoenix Suns Promotional Items

As any basketball fan might expect, receiving free merchandise from their favorite team adds to the fun and excitement of being at the game. The Phoenix Suns are an American professional basketball team and compete in the National Basketball Association. For the 2016-2017 season, they wanted to provide giveaways that would boost excitement and draw fans to the stadium.


The Suns presented LMA with several challenges. They were in need of giveaways for several events throughout the season.

Their first challenge was to not only create valuable gifts their fans would appreciate, but also that the gifts would pique the interest of several different fan groups. The Phoenix Suns called on LMA to create giveaways that would draw children and families, college students, casual fans and super fans alike.

For the second challenge, the Suns required a special promotional giveaway to be passed out to fans during the NBA Experience in Mexico. For two games, the Suns would play in Mexico City, Mexico. The games marked the first time the NBA hosted two regular-season contests in Mexico in the same season.  In addition to the games on the court, NBA Global Games Mexico City 2017 will feature a variety of interactive fan events and NBA Cares community celebrations. The Suns wanted something that would encourage fans south of the border to celebrate the historic event.

Their third challenge was to come up with a promotional gift to be given to golfers and spectators during the Phoenix Open in early February. As a sponsor of the event, they wanted to take the opportunity to invite attendees to learn more about the Suns and become fans of the organization.


LMA knew exactly how to meet all of these challenges. We came up with several giveaway and promotional items that met their needs throughout the season. Several home games were selected as giveaway nights. Each night was aimed at showing appreciation to a different fan base.

LMA created several promotional giveaways to meet the needs of their themed appreciation nights throughout the season. Theme nights and giveaway item provided include:

Healthcare and Wellness Night: Suns Shaker Bottle
Kids Day: Mini Basketball Hoop
College Student Night: Purple Sun’s Solo Cup
Military Appreciation Night: Camouflage Hat
Golf Night: Golf Ball/Poker Chip
Fan Appreciation Night: Sun’s Fanny Pack

Other Solutions:

To help the Sun’s celebrate taking their game to Mexico and give their fans something to remember the NBA Experience, we knew we had to do something fun and special. A foam sombrero and drawstring bag was given out to fans during both games.

Fans at the Phoenix Open received a foam cap as a promotional gift.

The Phoenix Suns and their fans at the home stadium, in Mexico, and also on the links at the Phoenix Open enjoyed the fun giveaways and promotional items created by LMA.

Five Tips for Creating Company Culture

Culture can make or break a company. Having a strong company culture not only fuels employee engagement in the workplace, but also encourages customer interaction as well. Companies like Disney, Google, Twitter, and Zappos have employees and customers alike falling in love with their brands, driving sales, and lending to business success.

Company culture sets the tone for everything within the business, including how staff members interact with each other, the positions held by each employee, who are chosen as new hires joining the team, and how the employees treat the customers. However, not every company has culture. Some try to build one but fail. According to a survey conducted by Bain & Company, fewer than 10 percent of companies succeed at building a strong company culture. How can something so important to business success be so hard to achieve? What is the secret to building a company culture that employees rally behind and customers support?

  1. Build Culture with a Purpose

To begin building company culture, you have to identify the company’s purpose. Why does your company exist? What is your mission? Once you identify your company’s “why,” build enthusiasm for it. Help employees understand the purpose and make them part of projecting it from the inside out. Companies with an authentic and inspirational purpose have stronger employee support and loyal customers.

  1. Work with Great People

Culture is shaped mostly by how your employees and company leaders act in the workplace. Make sure every hire is someone who embodies the type of company you want to be. Identify your own strengths and weaknesses, then, hire people to fill in the gaps where you and others fall short. Understand the importance of diversity and hire a collective of employees that will lend and borrow from each other’s talents.

Don’t forget that your leaders should be the strongest representation of the company’s purpose. They must project everything the company stands for when interacting with customers, employees, and each other. These types of leaders should have more than just an incredible work ethic and passion for what they do, they should also have a cultural ethic. What they do and how they do it has the powers to inspire others.

  1. Empower Your People

You empower people by adopting a management style that does not micromanaging their every move. Trust your employees to do their job tasks without constant direction. Empower them to make projects their own by giving general guidelines rather than explicit, detailed directions. Informed employees who make their own decisions are more involved in a company. And the more freedom people have to take on tasks, manage them, find solutions, and execute them, the more they feel connected to and woven into the company’s culture.

  1. Create Work-Life Balance

We all need the opportunity to take a step back and disconnect from the world. While you want employees to work hard, you need to recognize that work-life integration exists and it is significant to making employees feel supported and appreciated on and off the job. It is important to make sure each employee is personally fulfilled and thinking clearly. Understand that sometimes life will get in the way of business and everyone should be allowed to take care of pressing personal matters.

Don’t forget that a little bit of fun goes a long way when it comes to how employees feel in the workplace. Find ways to engage employees in activities that feel less like work. Consider taking your team on a retreat designed to help them relax, get to know each other, and build on their teamwork skills. Doing something outside of the workplace will allow your employees the freedom to relax, have fun, and feel appreciated.

  1. Allow Culture to Evolve

Company culture is not something you implement today and expect it to take hold tomorrow, nor is it something that will live forever. It takes months, even years of work to build a successful culture. It needs to be nurtured, taken care of, and allowed to grow. Over the years, culture will have highs and lows. As your company grows, the business processes, structure, and hierarchy you put into place will allow you to put your ideal culture into practice. Be careful not to hold on to your idea of the perfect company culture too tightly. Allow the people you hire to add their own flare to your company’s culture. Encourage new ideas and embrace changes. Without a willingness to evolve, you run the risk of choking out your company culture and creating one where employees feel forced to accept a vision they do not share. Instead, rally around the idea that you are “all in this together” and let that attitude build a sense of unity. Let your company’s culture take shape and grow with your employees and they’ll extend that same sense of unity to your customers.