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Triumphs are happening constantly within your office.
Reward your team for their accomplishments.

Big or small, a custom award is never the wrong answer.


Recognition That Breaks the Mold

Shadow boxes, crystal awards, plaques, acrylic awards, wooden bases, metal bases… the options for your awards are endless; as are your opportunities for recognizing your staff. Let’s work together to find the perfect moments to highlight their strengths and accomplishments.

corporate recognition awards

Recognition Awards

Every day your employees make a difference to your company. Whether that’s the top salesman, the best brewer, an outstanding shift manager, or committee awards, Levy Marketing + Awards will highlight what makes your employees unique.

corporate sales awards

Sales Awards

Salesmen make the world of difference to the bottom line of your company. Pulling in new clients and maintaining your brand image 24/7, your sales team is constantly looking for a new angle and a new idea. Make a difference to their year by recognizing their achievements.

corporate service awards

Service Awards

Dedication and loyalty need to be recognized. A company partners with their employees to ensure every day and every project is a success; reward that partnership. Whether it’s a year, five years, or a retirement, demonstrate gratitude for their time.

Reward Performance, Encourage Success                                        start-today-corporate-awards

Corporate Awards for

Corporate awards take your appreciation to a new level. They demonstrate to your employees you notice their everyday achievements.

You know your culture and your employees better than anyone, what incentive will really make them shine?

Don’t be pigeonholed by the standard options; let’s create something that’s uniquely you.

Leadership Awards
Anyone in your company can exude great leadership; focus on the ones that pull away from the pack and guide their teams to success.
leadership awards
corporate partner awardsPartner Awards
Customers and sponsors are the support of your business. Appreciation awards recognize their contributions to making your business shine.
Retirement Awards
Staying with a company through retirement means you and that employee have gone through numerous life and company changes together. Celebrate the journey.
corporate Retirement awards
corporate executive awardsExecutive Awards
Executives are the pillars of your company; they push everyone else to shine. Move the spotlight to them for a change. What makes your executives superb? Make their awards distinctive to them!
Performance Awards
From your entry level employees to your seasoned professionals, let’s rally around the ones who go above and beyond.
corporate Performance Awards
corporate special eventsSpecial Events
Infusing some fun and variety into your awards keeps everyone excited. Don’t be afraid to think out-of-the-box to match your employees’ personalities.
Safety Awards
Safety programs can be tedious to implement, but make the world of difference to your everyday operations. Lowering risk in your work environment is a long-term gain; distinguishing those that made it possible creates a long-term employee.
corporate safety awards
corporate milestone awardsMilestone Awards
Celebrating accomplishments with your employees forges a bond. Their victories become your victories, party together for the win!

We view corporate awards as another way to showcase your brand. We don’t just imprint a logo on an award, but build a gift worthy of your employees and your company.

When Fidelity Investments partnered with us to update their Inventors Awards, we took the chance to branch out and embrace the meaning behind the event—innovation. Gears encircle the event details, Fidelity’s logo, and the patent numbers.

Let us embrace your event.


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