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Recognition shouldn’t be something else you check off your to do list.

Recognition should be built into your company culture.
It should be easy to access & easy to incorporate into your everyday business.

We make it possible.


Designed for Your Recognition Needs

online recognition programs are completely customizable

Decision master is your new name. You decide on every aspect of the program, from who has administrative rights to the colors on the platform.

all encompassing online recognition program

Have no triumph go unnoticed. From everyday moments to larger events, we make it easy for you to recognize every moment.

Whether you want a service awards program or an all-encompassing online portal for promotional items, incentives, and awards, we build what you need.

spur of the moment recognition

Make real-time recognition the standard with an online program. Allow for lightning fast e-cards and congratulatory messages.

Our fully customizable recognition programs are designed to inspire.
We know a moment of recognition is all it takes to fuel the cutting edge thoughts employees need to take your company from good to great.

Program Capabilities

Perfectly customized to your recognition program wants, our online recognition program does it all.
We take the same approach as when we are designing our custom awards: make it completely unique to each customer

arrow for service incentive options Full Control of Program Branding
arrow for service incentive options Choice of System
arrow for service incentive options Comfort of Online Platform Security
arrow for service incentive options Ability to have Poll and Surveys
arrow for service incentive options Allow for Manager to Employee & Peer to Peer Recognition

arrow for service incentive options Create Employee Nominations for Awards
arrow for service incentive options Access to Real-Time Reporting
arrow for service incentive options Ability to Create Company E-Board
arrow for service incentive options Enable E-Cards and Instant Recognition
arrow for service incentive options Allow for Employee Wish Lists


No matter what you choose, you always receive a seamless, hands off platform.

start recognizing your employees today