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Manufacturing Capabilities

Laser & Engraving
Our precision lasers and laser systems deliver the highest possible engraving performance on a wide variety of materials including aluminum, steel, acrylic, phenolic, glass, crystal, corian, marble and wood. Using a heat beam of light, laser engraving is a non-contact process that will not compromise the integrity of the material. Our engravers use a diamond tip cutter which scratches the surface of the material delivering a deeper cut.

Our sandblasting equipment is used to clean or etch a surface to give a deeper, crisper appearance. The process usually takes place after the design has been lasered onto the piece and is usually used on crystal and glass pieces. To create the deeper cut, numerous, fine bits of sand are blasted at a very high velocity into the etched area. When completing sandblasting, it is crucial to ensure the area that was not lasered is covered well or sand will scratch the smooth surface.

Direct Color Printing
Our direct print equipment allows for a new element to high resolution, full color images using UV LED printing at an economical cost. The LED inks used create images that are remarkably flush to the material printed on, and highly resistant to scratches. Ideal for wood, metals, ceramic tiles, plastics, glass, industrial parts, promotional products and much more; Direct Print is our most popular process at a low cost resulting in a quality, full color piece.

casting and plating medals

Casting & Plating
Our casting department uses a method called spin casting. Our lasers are used to create a disc shaped mold that is then set in the center axis of the casting machine. Molten metal is then poured through an opening that is at the top center of the mold. Once the melted metal is in the machine it then spins the mold at a centrifugal force until the metal has set and solidified. Our casting machines are used to create all medals, medallions, and lapel pins.

We make designing and manufacturing your custom awards look easy – and it should be for you! But there are many steps involved to make your award look like the dazzling final piece, ready to be displayed. Here we offer you insight into one aspect of our production process: how we create your medal and medallions. Watch to learn what happens behind the scenes.