About the project

As any basketball fan might expect, receiving free merchandise from their favorite team adds to the fun and excitement of being at the game. The Phoenix Suns are an American professional basketball team and compete in the National Basketball Association. For the 2016-2017 season, they wanted to provide giveaways that would boost excitement and draw fans to the stadium.


The Suns presented LMA with several challenges. They were in need of giveaways for several events throughout the season.

Their first challenge was to not only create valuable gifts their fans would appreciate, but also that the gifts would pique the interest of several different fan groups. The Phoenix Suns called on LMA to create giveaways that would draw children and families, college students, casual fans and super fans alike.

For the second challenge, the Suns required a special promotional giveaway to be passed out to fans during the NBA Experience in Mexico. For two games, the Suns would play in Mexico City, Mexico. The games marked the first time the NBA hosted two regular-season contests in Mexico in the same season.  In addition to the games on the court, NBA Global Games Mexico City 2017 will feature a variety of interactive fan events and NBA Cares community celebrations. The Suns wanted something that would encourage fans south of the border to celebrate the historic event.

Their third challenge was to come up with a promotional gift to be given to golfers and spectators during the Phoenix Open in early February. As a sponsor of the event, they wanted to take the opportunity to invite attendees to learn more about the Suns and become fans of the organization.


LMA knew exactly how to meet all of these challenges. We came up with several giveaway and promotional items that met their needs throughout the season. Several home games were selected as giveaway nights. Each night was aimed at showing appreciation to a different fan base.

LMA created several promotional giveaways to meet the needs of their themed appreciation nights throughout the season. Theme nights and giveaway item provided include:

Healthcare and Wellness Night: Suns Shaker Bottle
Kids Day: Mini Basketball Hoop
College Student Night: Purple Sun’s Solo Cup
Military Appreciation Night: Camouflage Hat
Golf Night: Golf Ball/Poker Chip
Fan Appreciation Night: Sun’s Fanny Pack

Other Solutions:

To help the Sun’s celebrate taking their game to Mexico and give their fans something to remember the NBA Experience, we knew we had to do something fun and special. A foam sombrero and drawstring bag was given out to fans during both games.

Fans at the Phoenix Open received a foam cap as a promotional gift.

The Phoenix Suns and their fans at the home stadium, in Mexico, and also on the links at the Phoenix Open enjoyed the fun giveaways and promotional items created by LMA.