About the project

Checkers Selects Levy Recognition

Checkers, a national leader in double drive-thru restaurants, selected Levy Recognition to create a custom award which would perfectly reflect their brand image.

This corporate award was presented for team spirit at an employee event. This award acknowledged those whom excelled at building and maintaining relationships so effectively that they were able to create an effective and truly collaborative team.

Checkers called on Levy Recognition after being less than happy with their previous award provider. They were looking to solve several key issues revolving around weight distribution and quality. Levy Recognition was able to design a completely custom piece that perfectly resembled their branding and that was sure to last for decades considering its logistical design and use of high quality parts. The award design consists of brushed and polished medal to resemble a torch. A gold plated sculpture in the shape of Checker’s iconic fries is mounted on the top of this metal sculpture.

We are extremely happy to have met and exceeded Checkers’ expectations.