Appreciating Teachers is
More Important than Ever

According to Gallup research, only 29% of teachers strongly agree with the statement, “In the last seven days, I have received recognition or praise for doing good work.”

Educators who receive regular recognition and praise:

  • – are more productive

  • – are more engaged at work

  • – are more likely to stay with their school

  • – are more likely to receive higher satisfaction scores from students and parents

Need Help Recognizing Your School's Greatest Asset?


Employee recognition programs are shown to have a connection to high performance, retention, loyalty, safe behavior, and increased profit margins.


Recognizing employees for tenure is an excellent way for organizations to show all their employees that they value the ongoing dedication and contributions of individuals.


Recognition doesn't have to be complicated. Show employee appreciation for the work they do every day. Show appreciation for their work with branded merchandise, custom certificates, and more!


Show your employees, customers and community that you take safety seriously. Recognize the hard work that goes into preventing injuries and saving lives.


Engaging your employees is a challenge. We make it simple by offering interactive recognition programs that give employees the power to choose their own rewards.


Reward actions such as meeting work standards, reaching benchmarks and business goals, as well as ongoing professional development or training.


Online store solutions help you control brand identity, provide your staff with marketing materials across the globe and provide a platform for your consumers to purchase your products.


Our programs can be utilized to assist in building an employee wellness program for your organization. Reward employees for achieving goals in nutrition, fitness, stress management, and other healthy lifestyle choices.


With promotional products you motivate employees, connect with consumers and empower your brand. Let us help you get started.

Don't Wait to
Say Thank You to Educators

Taking time to acknowledge big achievements is important, but recognition shouldn't just be part of a routine sendoff at the end of a successful school year -- it should be a way of everyday life. School administrators should make recognizing educators a regular part of the school year. Retaining great educators and improving student scores and success is a direct result of great administrators who:

- Value recognition as a frequent and ongoing activity that builds a strong, positive school culture

- See recognition as a necessary ingredient and key driver of school success, rather than just another event on their calendar

- Take the lead and get personally involved by playing an active role in the recognition process

- Are not content with being the sole source of recognition, and build an environment in which recognition is contagious and everyone plays an important role

Make Recognition Part of Your School Year

Take a moment to ask teachers how they like to be recognized. They may appreciate notes or public recognition, or perhaps a small gift or special responsibility. We offer employee recognition programs designed to make recognizing teachers, school administrators, and other educators easy and effective.

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Recognition that Breaks the Mold.

Explore ways we have helped educational institutions recognize teachers, administrators, bus drivers, and those who play a role in educating students at every level of academia.

Recognizing Those Dedicated to Education Just Got Easier

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Levy Marketing + Awards offers several different recognition solutions designed to give authentic appreciation to the dedicated and hard working employees who have stayed loyal to your company over the years. Read more about our recognition solutions in our blog.

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